Nottingham City Netball Club
Silver CAPS netball club


Volunteering gives you an opportunity to make a difference. You can use your skills and experience to help others, and the reward is priceless. As a club we rely on volunteers to make it work. There is something that everyone can get involved in whether it be a big or small role. It is really important that we get volunteers in order for the club to run as efficiently as it does. Here are just a few ways you can get involved and how it can help the club.

We have a fantastic system to encourage new coaches to volunteer and help them gain their qualifications by assisting qualified coaches with our younger players. We utilise the knowledge of our level 1, 2 and level 3 coaches by offering our future coaches, the opportunity to work alongside them and experience all that coaching entails. This opportunity to get involved is encouraged because it not only increases your knowledge of netball but it also helps future players improve.

As we know we cannot play netball without umpires, therefore within our junior section we encourage all players to pick up a whistle and have a go. Not only does this improve your umpiring knowledge, but also improves your knowledge of the game.
We are lucky to have a fantastic umpiring mentor who leads this, and in turn helps all the players become qualified.

Team Managers
As a club, we like our coaches to just coach and not do any paperwork; we achieve this by having team managers. Our team managers are the main correspondence between club, coach and player. This is vital to maximise our coaching time, and is usually done by a parent of a player.

Pass On Your Passion - volunteer reward and recognition for U25s
Any volunteering done by an under 25's member can go towards a program called ‘Pass On Your Passion’. You'll get rewards once you've completed 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 voluntary hours in netball. And just by registering as a member of 'Pass on you Passion' you'll get access to:

  • FREE Regional Training Days where top coaches and officials will be on hand to pass on their knowledge.
  • E-newsletters to keep you up to date with the latest information and voluntary opportunities.
  • Invitations to volunteer at National and International netball events.

Details on ‘Pass On Your Passion’ can be found here.

Our Volunteers

Pauline Shipman

Club Chairman & Secretary

Level 3 Coach (+ Fundamental Movement Skills)

Panel Umpire

“B” and “C” Award Tester 

First Aider


Victoria Thornton
Vice Chairman

Head Coach (Level 2 Coach)

Aces Team Player


Caroline Earp
"C" Award Umpire

Aces Team Player


Fiona Madeley
Level 2 Coach (+ Fundamental Movement Skills)

Fundraising Officer
Aces Team Player


Hannah Musson
Diamonds Team Captain


Karen Bowers

Safeguarding Officer

Junior Club Treasurer
"C" Award Umpire


Merle Laur

Volunteer Coordinator
Publicity/Web Official

Aces Team Captain


Michelle Turgoose
Level 2 Coach

Junior Coordinator


Nicola Cross
Level 1 Coach

Novice Umpire

Comets Team Player


Pam Weatherby
"B" Award Umpire


Patricia Codner
"B" Award Umpire
"C" Award Tester


Philippa Turner
Doctor/First Aider

Aces Team Player


Rob Bourne
Junior Club Tournament Organiser